Joshua X Ray (xtonitewedancex) wrote in we_are_poets,
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A Medley of What Has Come and of Who I Am.

[i posted this in my real journal, but i thought it was worthy of the community.]

i am sent out as a sheep among wolves.
to conquer this world.
i am a bandage.
to mend the brokenhearted.
i am liberty to captives.
and sight to the blind.

i am so selfish.
i was brought forth in iniquity.
and in death i was conceived.
save me from this fall.

set mine eyes foward.
so that i may lead by example.
after all,

am i not more valuble than the birds of the air?
and oh, how they fly without care!
if i am not able to do the least,
then why i am worried about the rest?

no servant can serve two masters.
he will love one and despise the other!

[great influence was taken from the old and new testaments.]
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