Mushroom Tea (bind_my_mouth) wrote in we_are_poets,
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Numb to you

Longing once again to return home, with my solitude and silence,
Where past memories are held in a painful rememberance.
Tears blurring my vision; life pours from my skin,
And in your eyes, I've commited the most beautiful sin.

Longing once again to return home, not knowing of happy endings,
Blue walls surround my heart; your voice is far from helping.
The candle light causes shadows; they dance and laugh at me.
Scent of burning roses amongst the wax; lost in self-inflicted misery.

Longing once again to return home, to curl up in the cold corner.
Lost in the pleasure of knowing that this pain will last forever.
I don't know where I am, my mind races all too much,
I find myself in your arms, but now I am numb to your touch.

~Kayla-Khristy Crow
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