Malibu Ken - with new Reeboks!!! (killmeim_emo) wrote in we_are_poets,
Malibu Ken - with new Reeboks!!!

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glow soft, skin reflects off the walls
followed in a
masquerade of teasing calls
stolen away, to make a mistake
and try my hand at this

theres nothing ever on
so put on a show for me
I'll turn the lights low,
kiss you slowly,
and take advantage of all of this

i will win.

I take no regard for the boundaries
you've marked and placed
around your body
I will taste as i want
take it as i need
and leave you on your knees,



with each turn of your tongue
it hurts that much more
and im sick.
not hardly, ive seen inside your head
im the saint to bless this sinners bed
to spill the blood,
to repent your sins
to cast the souls of the innocent
as pure

open your eyes, and unclench your fists
shadows are the only friends
who will sit and watch the feeling begin to set in.
two white doves and a note on your bedside.
they know your hate.
they know the pain.
wash them down, an easy way to grow wings.

angel, drown in all the sympathy you'll ever need.
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