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so i figured out how to do this...

if the sidewalk ended tomorrow
would you still be afraid to walk on the grass?
with the steeple crumbling before you
and its shadow on your face,
would you turn to retread worn concrete slabs
or face the force and carve your own path?

if you go back there are no choices.
you've been there before:
tired, cracked pavement
there must be something more.

will you stand off to the side and let the others pass you?
try to become a statue like those who've gone before you?

what have you acheived?
what have you acheived?

move on and there's a field.
wide open spaces with choices abound.
the sky will change its colors,
the ground will change its leaves,
and time will flow with you on board.

you don't know what might be,
only what there is.
so carry on with the hand of time,
not the winds that it creates.
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