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i wrote this poem last night, before i watched Wicker Park. The poem went along w/ an assignment. Kinda choppy, lyrical poem/ballad.

Forever is Only a Word

my heart was exposed
covered when he arrived.
I was a crutch for your heart.
I helped you up,
and now I need a wheelchair.
I pretended to hang up the phone.
I pretended not to care.
the lies and trust.
the moments are unjust.
I could go on forever,
watching you breathe.
watching your eyes and
like an angel,
you are so graceful.
my heart will bleed
for the truth of love.
for the moment I have dreamed of,
I want to remain,
but I am slowly sinking,
slowly dreaming,
never fully aware of how much,
this will all hurt.
it started out with truth,
yet we were never honest.
they disgust me.
their rules,
their greedy eyes.
I have nothing left,
but the reflection of myself,
in this puddle of blood,
this puddle of blood you left,
when my heart slowly shattered.
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