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I'm so much older than I can take.. I need to direction to perfection...

Indecisive to a point
Not too annoyingly, but all to commonly.
Never ruining a task; whether to protect,
Or kill.
Crying from beneath the guise of
Evil doings.
"Not one more," she promises, "kill not one more."
Tormented soul... Killed by our innocent angel.

Face wet with my tears,
Bound to you by all my fears.
And I cling to you.

Clothes tattered and worn,
Tied down right next to your side.
See how I serve you?

Wrapped in your embrace,
My only moment of grace,
Is when I'm with you...

I wish to fly now,
I am stranded on the ground.
Let me fly away...

My body is scarred,
Eyes staring back into yours.
You wont understand.

I'm unravelling,
Withering at all my seams.
Now I cling to you.

Please don't leave me now.
In my greatest time of need.
Now, you're all I love.

I need you here now,
Your hands stroking my hair.
My tears soak your shirt.

Fists clenching your clothes.
Eyes burning from all my tears.
Convulsing from sobs.

You held me while I
Threw all my anger at you.
You took all the pain.

I brace your arms tight,
Looking into your warm eyes.
Take me now, angel.

Flying away now.
Leaving all the pain behind.
Beloved, we're free.

I am bound to you,
I follow your every word.
Please master, love me?

Hands stained with your blood,
My weapon of choice; my hands.
And my pale, white wings.

Repairing my wounds
That you inflicted on me.
Needle through my skin.

Curled here on the floor,
Left in the cold of this room.
Sewing my torn limbs.

You take off in flight,
Your feet are leaving the ground,
You quickly grab me.

My wings can't handle
The distance we must fly now.
I beg you to stay.

You only want me
To stay with you; contently.
Now my wings struggle.

My feet leave the ground,
You grasp my hand and guide me.
We are now free, love.

~Kayla-Khristy Crow
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