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Think of me [12 Aug 2010|01:57pm]

When your left standing all alone in a world so cold and cruel. When you hear the serenade of a string quartet. When you hear the lullaby of true hearts. Will you think of me? When I'm down on my knees and you can't see me, will you think of me? When your left standing alone in this cruel world come find me, come into my arms, into my heart when you've hurt your last, come find me. When your scared when your down and out, when you've strung yourself out from rolling too hard. When your standing all alone in a party, at a rave, in your classroom, at your job, in this cruel world, come find me, and I'll hold your hand. When you've been told that your lifestyle is wrong won't you think of me? How i treated you way too fairly. And now are you left standing? Isn't this life just like a cold dream? Can you still see me? Am I more to you than just a dream? You are all I have thought of all that I have pondered in the ramblings of this pretty mouth. When the loss is like a sea of despair, when the pain is like a gaping wound of what should've been But can this broken heart trully follow the stars? Your all this broken heart has wanted and yet you reject me like a passing thought. Think of me, think of the dreams that we have shared. For once I'm begging you on my knees. Let us relive the start, the times we swore we'd never part, your all I had wanted, all I wanted, all I dreamed of, all I felt so strongly in the dreams of the night. But it, but I wasn't enough, and I watched you depart. Leaving this heart saying "Please no more," Will you remember the times I held you in my arms and told you of my premonition that our passion would soon end, and that soon youd be just a memory as I paced the shower and cried. I fell asleep in your arms after we made love, now I'm asleep on my couch singing "All I wanted was you." Are you too far out there for me to find? Has life ever treated any soul fairly? Has reality? Now I'm the one thats out there being thrown to my knees. Its a crying shame that our passion is now a string symphony. A shame that our souls only united in one last time in a picture. And now Im so deep I think of my actions of every harsh word shpoken, I realize now that live giveth and taketh away so why tempt fate to take away with hate and judgemental words. If I could relive all of my starts would I remember to slow down and feel your heart? Your all I had ever wanted. When I had held your hand I had felt the hope of eternity. Shall we meet there after the pain love? Meet me there. But eternity isn't promised, happiness is not promised only the frivoulous pursuit but in the end we all die alone. Yes we all die alone. And my mind does amazing things and yet cannot muster the ability to show you my heart, to make certain you don't depart. So I'll pace my apartment a few times with my mind stuck in a cell of limited words and actions. And limited ability to make this work. But just like the struggling day moth tapping reapeatedly at your windowsill, to be free and happy, don't help my burdened soul save me now and give me a harshe start and bitter ending and when my wings stop fluttering and my eyes rest on the stars then stop and think that all my heart all my dying heart sings is "All I wanted was you."
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-NEVER RUN FROM THE PAST- [08 Jul 2005|12:36am]
I woke up early april,
i stepped into the snow.
i felt a frozen tingle,
as i ran back through the door.
as i put on my coat and slacks,
to warm me on my run.
i ran outside to crystal light,
and behind the clouds i saw the sun.
through the snow and down a hill,
accross a bridge and to a mill.
running fast then walking slow,
where ill end up i do not know.
to a burnt down trailor house,
accross a path and a train track.
i run and run not looking back.
memories flash with black horizons,
over a cemitary,behind a tree.
where a casket was lowered and
set 28 feet from the cavern over the sea.
as i walked away i kept on running,
down a hill and to a road.
into the street a car goes past,
life is worth liveing but death happens so fast.
and on that day a casket
was lowered into the ground.
28 inches from a cavern over the sea
which was flat and made no sound.
and a tear ran down her murderers cheek,
and to his lips and onto his cast.
down to the girl who ran from her past.
and stopped in the road as his car went past.
to live he thought would last a lifetime,and
death he thought would be a crime.
but in the mind of the little girl,
everything was the other way around.
what had happened wasent real.
his arm under the cast all started to heal.
the girl that he hit was all in his mind.
as he tried to back his car from a tree,
but the car was intwined.
as he got out he then saw his dad,
lying in the road,then the boy got sad.
death happens so fast but life is worth
liveing.a car goes past into the street.
memories flash............
to a road and down a hill,
i kept on running as i walked away.
from a cavern over the sea,
a casket was lowered and set 28 feet.
behind a tree and over a cemitary.
memories flash with black horrizons.
not looking back i run and run.
across a train track and accross a path.
to a burnt down trailor house.
i do not know where ill end up,
walking slow then running fast.
to a mill and across a bridge,
down a hill and through the snow.
i saw the sun behind the clouds,
to crystal light i ran outside.
on my run to warm me.
my coat and slacks i put them on.
throught the door as i ran back,
i felt a frozen tingle.
i stepped into the snow,
woke up in early april.
a backflash of my life,
and a memorie flashing fast.
as i sit in a insane insilem,
in my head im still running from my past.

-Scare Crow
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[11 Jun 2005|04:34pm]

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Among the Graves [16 Apr 2005|11:49pm]

Dance among the graves
Where the soul craves
Bittersweet release from purgatory
Where nothing but memories
To keep company among the graves

Shadowed night of darkness
Give me thy sweet poison of death
Where I dance among the Graves
Graves of Men who long since rave

Among this encased earth
Old beyond time, holy by nature
Lies the secrets of worth
Heaven, Hell, Purgatory entertwined

Shadowed night of darkness
Give me thy sweet poison of death
Where I dance among the Graves
Graves of Men who long since rave

Skeletons of dust, tombs of rubble
Sinners and Saints riddle the graves
Babes and Elderly waiting endlessly
For their souls release

Shadowed night of darkness
Give me thy sweet poison of death
Where I dance among the Graves
Graves of Men who long since rave

X-posted in freeformwriters
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Times Like These... [14 Apr 2005|11:53pm]

[ mood | whaaaa. ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and just so nobody goes and freaks out, this picture isnt reffering to anything, i just had an idea, so no specific parties are involved. drama free sketch.

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A Love Poem, (minus one) [14 Apr 2005|08:43pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

I'm in love but not alive
I'm comatose and dreaming
of a better time

With a smile that melts my heart
and keeps me warm when I fall asleep
and a mind that puts mine to shame
and humor that never fails to amuse

I remember walking home at night
whispering "I Love You" in a stranger's yard
and hearing the greatest words ever uttered:
"I Love You Too"

But then my dream turns to a nightmare

I remember a breakdown,
an abandonment,
a mistake.

an apology,
and open arms

I remember heaven slowly falling again.

I remember sitting on my bed and getting hit by a train
and then another apology,
but not the good kind

I'm sorry too...

Now she haunts my dreams
and my waking hours
they say there's more fish in the sea,
but other fish leave a bad taste in my mouth

A girl,
with a brilliant mind,
a beautiul face,
an unbeatable sense of humor,
wise beyond her years,
certifiably perfect,
but with a heart that belongs to someone else.

They say good things come with time,
I don't know, but...

(It's kinda cheesey, but honest)

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A Medley of What Has Come and of Who I Am. [14 Apr 2005|12:44am]

[ mood | humble and inspired ]

[i posted this in my real journal, but i thought it was worthy of the community.]

i am sent out as a sheep among wolves.
to conquer this world.
i am a bandage.
to mend the brokenhearted.
i am liberty to captives.
and sight to the blind.

i am so selfish.
i was brought forth in iniquity.
and in death i was conceived.
save me from this fall.

set mine eyes foward.
so that i may lead by example.
after all,

am i not more valuble than the birds of the air?
and oh, how they fly without care!
if i am not able to do the least,
then why i am worried about the rest?

no servant can serve two masters.
he will love one and despise the other!

[great influence was taken from the old and new testaments.]

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Numb to you [13 Apr 2005|06:39pm]

[ mood | blank ]

Longing once again to return home, with my solitude and silence,
Where past memories are held in a painful rememberance.
Tears blurring my vision; life pours from my skin,
And in your eyes, I've commited the most beautiful sin.

Longing once again to return home, not knowing of happy endings,
Blue walls surround my heart; your voice is far from helping.
The candle light causes shadows; they dance and laugh at me.
Scent of burning roses amongst the wax; lost in self-inflicted misery.

Longing once again to return home, to curl up in the cold corner.
Lost in the pleasure of knowing that this pain will last forever.
I don't know where I am, my mind races all too much,
I find myself in your arms, but now I am numb to your touch.

~Kayla-Khristy Crow

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so i figured out how to do this... [13 Apr 2005|04:05pm]

if the sidewalk ended tomorrow
would you still be afraid to walk on the grass?
with the steeple crumbling before you
and its shadow on your face,
would you turn to retread worn concrete slabs
or face the force and carve your own path?

if you go back there are no choices.
you've been there before:
tired, cracked pavement
there must be something more.

will you stand off to the side and let the others pass you?
try to become a statue like those who've gone before you?

what have you acheived?
what have you acheived?

move on and there's a field.
wide open spaces with choices abound.
the sky will change its colors,
the ground will change its leaves,
and time will flow with you on board.

you don't know what might be,
only what there is.
so carry on with the hand of time,
not the winds that it creates.
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[13 Apr 2005|12:30pm]

seems like this was a failed attempt.
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Lit. [30 Mar 2005|01:19pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

i wrote this poem last night, before i watched Wicker Park. The poem went along w/ an assignment. Kinda choppy, lyrical poem/ballad.

Forever is Only a Word

my heart was exposed
covered when he arrived.
I was a crutch for your heart.
I helped you up,
and now I need a wheelchair.
I pretended to hang up the phone.
I pretended not to care.
the lies and trust.
the moments are unjust.
I could go on forever,
watching you breathe.
watching your eyes and
like an angel,
you are so graceful.
my heart will bleed
for the truth of love.
for the moment I have dreamed of,
I want to remain,
but I am slowly sinking,
slowly dreaming,
never fully aware of how much,
this will all hurt.
it started out with truth,
yet we were never honest.
they disgust me.
their rules,
their greedy eyes.
I have nothing left,
but the reflection of myself,
in this puddle of blood,
this puddle of blood you left,
when my heart slowly shattered.

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hey, friends... [30 Mar 2005|12:16am]

[ mood | just finished iceland practice ]

iceland is so not poets, but that doesn't mean im not.
and i forgot how to do lj cuts.
but its ok, im not going to post a poem or pictures or anything yet.
i will when i return to auburn.
i love you guys.
thanks for letting me join.

-Joshua X ray

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rules: [29 Mar 2005|11:27pm]

okay, if you don't comment at least once a week i am going to ask you to leave. don't just use this as a crutch to get your stuff out in the open. you know better. thanks for the new memebers. we are elite. =)

-nathan, your master. (sarcasm)
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I know all those welcome messages suck but i'm new..... [29 Mar 2005|08:22pm]

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Romanticism In A Coffee Shop. [29 Mar 2005|08:01pm]

[ mood | good ]

MontaroCollapse )

New AF song ive been working on.

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[29 Mar 2005|06:51pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Emo and CrackersCollapse )

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I'm so much older than I can take.. I need to direction to perfection... [28 Mar 2005|09:48pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

Indecisive to a point
Not too annoyingly, but all to commonly.
Never ruining a task; whether to protect,
Or kill.
Crying from beneath the guise of
Evil doings.
"Not one more," she promises, "kill not one more."
Tormented soul... Killed by our innocent angel.

Face wet with my tears,
Bound to you by all my fears.
And I cling to you.

Clothes tattered and worn,
Tied down right next to your side.
See how I serve you?

Wrapped in your embrace,
My only moment of grace,
Is when I'm with you...

I wish to fly now,
I am stranded on the ground.
Let me fly away...

My body is scarred,
Eyes staring back into yours.
You wont understand.

I'm unravelling,
Withering at all my seams.
Now I cling to you.

Please don't leave me now.
In my greatest time of need.
Now, you're all I love.

I need you here now,
Your hands stroking my hair.
My tears soak your shirt.

Fists clenching your clothes.
Eyes burning from all my tears.
Convulsing from sobs.

You held me while I
Threw all my anger at you.
You took all the pain.

I brace your arms tight,
Looking into your warm eyes.
Take me now, angel.

Flying away now.
Leaving all the pain behind.
Beloved, we're free.

I am bound to you,
I follow your every word.
Please master, love me?

Hands stained with your blood,
My weapon of choice; my hands.
And my pale, white wings.

Repairing my wounds
That you inflicted on me.
Needle through my skin.

Curled here on the floor,
Left in the cold of this room.
Sewing my torn limbs.

You take off in flight,
Your feet are leaving the ground,
You quickly grab me.

My wings can't handle
The distance we must fly now.
I beg you to stay.

You only want me
To stay with you; contently.
Now my wings struggle.

My feet leave the ground,
You grasp my hand and guide me.
We are now free, love.

~Kayla-Khristy Crow

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question: [28 Mar 2005|11:30pm]

[ mood | sad ]

Okay, thanks for all of those who have joined. But, now i have a mission for you guys and girls:

The title of this wonderful journal page is "WORDS" your mission is to create a name and a sub title for it. lets go.

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I Don't Know You [28 Mar 2005|08:39pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

what I wouldn't give to kill that sideways glance
painful reminders of
a lost romance
tear out my eyes and change the flow of tears to blood
lay down my head
i am done

i hate to see you cry
i hate to see you
i love to see you laugh but
i hate to see you

shutting down just seems to be the only way
i don't know who you are
i dont hear what you say

you said dont limit yourself,
but i didnt hear you

you came to me and said hello,
but i didnt see you

you said it was not always bad,
but ive never met you

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ello ello [28 Mar 2005|07:47pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]

well i just joined.... here's a bit about me and i will post a poem or two and then some of my art and a pic of myself.

Name: Ariane
Age: 16
Sex: Chick
Location: Mary-land
Contact:email... darkmreow@yahoo.com
AIM... shes no muse

welcome to my state of mind....Collapse )

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